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  • Riverside offers both private tutoring and enrichment services in a one - on -one setting as well as in small group settings.

  • Our staff are licensed teachers who work with students in grades K-8.

  • We are located in Brookville, Indiana where we offer in-person services.


At Riverside Educational Services, we believe that children learn at their own pace. Whether your child is in need of tutoring services to help master difficult skills, enrichment services to extend learning opportunities, or one of our small classes or workshops,  we are confident that we can help guide your child to reach full academic potential.  Read about all of our services we provide to see what is best for the needs of your scholar.

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Let's get started! Tell us more about your scholar and their academic needs! We will match you with one of our tutors to help support your scholar's goals!

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Tutoring Information

30 & 60 Minute
Sessions Available

Complete our Student Information Form to help us understand your scholar's goals and needs! Here, we can gather your contact information, information about your scholar and their academic goals.

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Small Group Sessions

  • Our small group sessions offer a lot of the same benefits as our private sessions. In addition, scholars who join us for small group sessions will be able to deepen their social skills, practice collaborating with others, and interact in student-led discussions. 

  • Small group sessions are perfect for siblings or groups of students practicing the same skill, working on the same assignment or project, or partnering to reach the same goal. This is a one hour session.

  • There is a minimum booking of two students to block off a group session. No more than four children will be in the same group setting (unless there is a special circumstance where a larger group is requested).

  • $35 per student

  • Please email us with the needs of your group

Private Sessions

  •  Private sessions are personalized and tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our scholars.

  • Here, teachers are able to provide one-on-one direct instruction for both math and reading. 

  • Private sessions can encourage self-esteem, boost confidence, and improve academic performance.

  • Whether your child is struggling and in need of a tutor, or is looking for a challenge utilizing our enrichment services, we are confident that we will provide a wonderful learning experience.

  • *Available in person and remote

  • $50 / 1 hour     or $30 / 30 minutes

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