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Riverside Academy is dedicated to creating a student focused learning environment, where education is tailored to each scholar's unique needs, while cultivating critical thinking skills and the essential tools for the 21st-century.



Riverside Academy believes in small group instruction. Small group instruction is a highly effective approach because it allows for personalized attention, tailored instruction, deeper engagement, and accelerated learning. In this sort of learning environment, teachers can really understand the needs of their scholars in a much deeper way than compared to traditional schools.


Riverside Academy believes students should be met at their level. Scholars should be provided instruction at their ability level rather than their age or grade level. This approach ensures that the instruction is appropriately challenging and engaging, while allowing each scholar to progress at their own pace to reach their full potential. This approach fosters individualized goals and growth, as well as overall academic success.


Riverside Academy believes in a mixed-ages approach to learning.  Mixed age classrooms have proven to be successful because this emulates real-world environments where individuals interact with others of various ages. This helps foster empathy, leadership skills, and collaboration, while providing opportunities for mentorship, social development, and the overall enhancement of creating a sense of community.


Riverside Academy believes in a ‘family-like’ culture. When all stakeholders are involved (scholars, teachers, and families), strong bonds are created which foster a supportive and nurturing 

environment where individuals feel valued, understood, and are motivated to succeed. We believe that this overall family-like environment is a key to establishing the overall culture at our small school.

Riverside Academy believes that authentic learning happens through both hands-on learning and real world experiences. Both hands-on learning and real world experiences create authentic learning opportunities for scholars to actively engage with new concepts, apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, and develop essential problem solving skills through meaningful experiences. We believe that these approaches to learning will prepare scholars in future endeavors that go beyond the classroom.

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